How To Get More Clients Today


✅ How do I help more people?
✅ How do I get more clients?
✅ How do I grow my Coaching/Healing/Business?

These are some of the questions that the Coaching/ Healing/ Yoga and in general the business community in Cyprus has been screaming for a while now! It is mind blowing how many great people are out there who can help so many to have more success and happiness in their lives BUT still struggle to find new clients!

Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Yoga Teachers and Healers know from their proven results that they can help many people or businesses transform to something much better,however the challenge is; they don`t know how to reach new clients without spending a fortune on marketing.

This challenge is the same for everyone and it has been the same for the hosts of this seminar Lampros Ioannou and Daniel Aprea (biographies on the bottom). They have been through the same struggle and the endless money hole created from spending on marketing, however eventually after getting trained and experienced on the matter they found few of the best and easiest ways to be able to attract new clients.

Not only new clients.. but the ideal clients who are willing to do the work as well as invest significant amounts of money because they understand the value of what they are getting!

Both hosts combined have invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of euros on learning how to attract ideal new clients with less effort and money. They have learned from the best in the field and have proven results on how to get more clients.

In this seminar you will get few of the best and easiest: tools, systems & techniques on how to get more clients. More importantly though you will learn the ideal mindset that will help you skyrocket your business to a whole new level.

You see one of the most common and major challenges with marketing tools and techniques is that a lot of coaches and healers do not resonate with these ways, as they have a bit of manipulation or simply it is not their truth/style. This challenge blocks most to apply them which leads to stagnation of new clients.

Therefore this seminar will focus more on mindset and perspective on how to use ethical marketing which resonates and feels more truthful. We all know being truthful is the no1 factor to connect with people and have results now days. So in this seminar you will learn:

– The most common traps that cause self sabotage
– Templates on how to do first session/email marketing/social media
– The ideal mindset to get new clients and help more people
– Easy systems that will help you get organized and sell more
– Best structure of packages and sessions

So if you were looking for a way to help more people and grow your Coaching/Healing/Yoga/Consulting practice this seminar is one the best places you can invest in because it is something that will help you get the results you always wanted!

Both our hosts are passionate about helping more people grow their practice because they have been through the client getting ”struggle” and are tired of seeing so many great people having ability to help so many people but not knowing how to reach them!

Ready to help more people, grow your business to make your dream life even better? Well this is your opportunity now! Invest in your self and business!

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Lampros Ioannou, Lambros Ioannou is a Holistic Life & Business Coach and International Speaker with 10 years of experience in Coaching and Mentoring. He has been successfully running he is own business for 5 years.

His company is now one of the leading personal development seminar organizers in Cyprus. Lampros has a global clientele with clients from US, UK, Australia and Greece. Along his path he has spoke and trained in 4 countries and appeared on national television on few occasions.

In recognition of his efforts in 2019 he was elected in the Board of Directors of EMCC Cyprus and has been nominated for International Mentor of the year by UK National Mentoring Awards. (Full Bio here )

Daniel Aprea is the author of Prospects Into Clients and founder of He has been coaching and training people internationally for over 10 years in 3 different languages. His advanced understanding of the human learning process and astonishingly vast cross-cultural experience make him the go-to authority if you are serious about turning your life around and taking your business to the next level.

After completing his 2-year master degree with honors in Engineering Management in only 9 months and becoming a semi-professional chess player with no previous experience at age 22, he started applying the same principles to business and sales, achieving outstanding results in multiple industries.

As an international multi-award winning speaker who shared stage with several other authorities and celebrities, Daniel created his signature S.C.A.L.E. system for ambitious individuals like you who want to start a successful entrepreneurial journey or take their existing business to new heights.

After spending a day with Daniel, you can expect to leave as a different person as you were before, completely refreshed, energized and crystal clear on your path to success.

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