High Performance Business Coaching


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“eQiQ.coach is dedicated to expanding Human potential which in turn will propel your business to whole new level!”

We offer business coaching services which are focused on increasing Emotional Intelligence (eQ) which in turn will take your business to the next level. These skills can include social graces, communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, and leadership traits. Multiple Research conducted has shown that 90% of high performers in the workplace have high emotional intelligence. It is a common misconception that iQ is more important than eQ and that is why all the top companies in the world spent billions on training their employees on eQ. They know that increasing the eQ of their workforce will provide them all they need to help their companies grow. Employees with high eQ can sky rocket the productivity and effectiveness rate in your company as well decrease the employee turnover which a serious issue in today`s business world.

Coaching facilitates growth and change. The most important difference comparing to Consulting though is that coaching provides you all the tools, methods and strategies to make that change permanent! How many times have you trained your self or your employees and you have seen little or no change after that? The reason behind this is that in order to make something permanent you need to reinforce it every day for 21 days straight to become a habit. eQiQ.coach has the right systems to do just that and combining it with our strategies it will allow you to make this skills permanent to last a life time! Finally just in case you are wondering if this is going to take time out of your daily workload our system is designed to take as little time possible for you to implement it. The best part of this will not only be that you will be able to increase your eQ for the rest of your lifetime, it will also save you lots of time in the future as you will become more productive and effective!

Business Development Coaching:

Business Development Coaching is a combination of some or all our business services and will provide everything your company needs to take it to the next level. The process we follow ensures that you will get the right tools, methods and strategies that will expand your business and propel it to the next level!

Together we will help you identify in which areas your company needs to improve and we will create with you a strategic plan to increase your company`s effectiveness. Additionally if in this identification process we encounter areas which are not in our expertise we can bring on board, if you so desire, some of our trusted partners to compliment our services so that we can provide you a complete solution and achieve the desired result. Our partners are trainers and companies that are some of the best you can find, there are dearly trusted by as we have worked with them successfully in the past. Please see below a description of the coaching services you can combine to take your business to the next level and where it deserves to be!

High Performance Coaching

Excelling in an executive, leadership or any position takes dedication, commitment and hard work. Getting you from where you are now to where you want to be is right at the heart of coaching. Learn coaching tips to reach your goals easily and enjoyably. Business coaching tips and strategies designed to help you:

  • Keep you focused
  • Analyze your performance
  • Keep you motivated
  • Build strong leadership skills.
  • Get the most out of you and your team.
  • Get promoted.
  • Inspire and motivate yourself and others.
  • Be perceived as a natural leader.

Make the most of your performance to propel yourself to the next level of success.

Time Management Coaching

Feel like time is never on your side? One of the most common sources of stress is the feeling that there is too much to do and not enough time. Life coaching has a toolkit of tips and strategies designed to help you make every minute count. Find out how to:

  • Become a master prioritizer.
  • Never miss another deadline.
  • Stop over-committing.
  • Do more in the time you have.
  • Find time for yourself.

Learn proven coaching tips to master your time, instead of letting time master you!

Public Speaking / Presentations / Pitch Coaching

People usually under achieve in public speaking due to stress and anxiety, however there are many reasons why someone would struggle with it. That`s why some times common Public speaking techniques are not effective. Public speaking coaching will help you identify the exact reasons and provides you with the right tools which will help you succeed!

Public speaking coaching usually involves a combination of Stress/ Performance/Time Management coaching, as well as Confidence building and Overcoming your insecurities.

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