Holistic Coaching


Train in Internal Wing Chun, Pilates and Meditation with experienced teachers from Hong Kong. Peace by praxis is a unique system combining Internal Wing Chun, Qi Qong, Pilates and Meditation for Body, Mind and Spirit conditioning. Choose one of the 3 systems or all of them together and combine them with our Coaching services and you are on your way to a complete transformation, improving you and the quality of your life to the maximum!

A deeper look into where Heather and John came from…

Kung Fu Couple Heather and John Cogan recently arrived in Cyprus after studying and teaching Self Development, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Pilates and Meditation in Hong Kong for close to a decade.

Their goal? To help ease stress, anxiety, depression and fear through self development programs which embody mental, spiritual and physical components.

The original meaning of Martial Arts when you take the Chinese characters and split them apart means Non Violence. And this is exactly what John, Heather and the Peace by Praxis family stand for. They are teaching a spiritual path through martial arts, which is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

Heather and John are both qualified Wing Chun Masters under the VTAA of Hong Kong, Body Control Pilates Teachers, trained Bone Setters. They have made it their mission to teach and train highly skilled teachers that will pass on this knowledge and together help thousands of people achieve more peace, and find their power.

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